Using 4k Projectors for Stunning Hubble Imagery


The latest projector technology is ideally suited for displaying the high resolution imagery from the Hubble space telescope.  While HDTV’s are capable of rendering 1920 by 1080 lines of resolution, the extremely high resolution capabilities of the Hubble camera was beyond even these displays.  The newer 4k projectors are capable of displaying twice as much information and have been of crucial help to in depth analysis of some of Hubble’s more amazing images.

Higher Resolution Means More Detail

While there is some debate as to whether or not the home entertainment and movie industry is fully utilizing the capabilities of current 4K projectors, the same cannot be said for the scientific industry.  The ability to display extremely high resolution images onto larger screens without losing clarity is crucial to analyzing images that previously had to be viewed using zoom technologies that could distort the image.

Distortions cause mistakes in charting and grkaphigin of celestial bodies.  This can affect theories and tests that are being performed based on the data provided in these images.  Tests such as the one performed for Einstein’s theory of relativity in the early 1900’s rely upon extremely accurate measurements.

Breathtaking Detail

In addition to being accurate for scientific measurements, the display of 4000 lines of resolution is absolutely breathtaking when seen in person. The Hubble images are impressive on a computer screen, but become almost overwhelming when seen on a large projection screen.  The image quality creates an almost 3D effect that tricks the mind into thinking you are inside the image itself.

While these projectors are being hailed as great for the consumer electronics industry, they are also proving to be very valuable to the scientific community as well.


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